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Lighting connectors: one of the key components of solid-state lighting systems; now, seemingly insignificant connection components are often related to the entire lighting system can ultimately meet the corresponding reliability, waterproof rating, long life and other design requirements. Connector has become one of the key components of solid-state lighting systems. Solid-state lighting has energy saving, environmental protection, long life, maintenance-free, easy to control and other characteristics. The solid-state lighting connector series are interconnect products designed and marketed specifically for the needs of LED lighting applications. Typically, this means focusing on lower product and assembly costs, primarily for wire-to-board applications with relatively low expected mating life and current capacities of a few amps or less. We offer the industry's most comprehensive range of lighting connectors; Lighting Connector, the best of everything. World Trade Electronics Network is the original agent for the sale of many lighting connectors, providing a number of industry manufacturers of lighting connectors, including Amphenol, AVX, Hirose, Molex, TE Connectivity, erni and many other well-known manufacturers.
1、What is a lighting connector? :
 Lighting is the use of a variety of light sources to illuminate the workplace and living places or individual objects measures. The use of the sun and sky light called "natural lighting"; the use of artificial light sources called "artificial lighting". The primary purpose of lighting is to create good visibility and a comfortable and pleasant environment.
Solid-state lighting connectors.
Solid-state lighting connectors are a family of interconnect products designed and marketed specifically for the needs of LED lighting applications. Typically, this means a focus on lower product and assembly costs, primarily for wire-to-board applications with relatively low expected mating life and current capacities of a few amps or less. Now, the seemingly insignificant connection component is often critical to the overall lighting system's ability to ultimately meet the appropriate design requirements for reliability, water resistance, long life, etc. Connectors have become one of the key components of solid-state lighting systems. Solid state lighting is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, long life, maintenance free, easy to control and other features.
LED lighting connectors.
The LED lighting connector is a component that we electronic engineers often come into contact with. Its role is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, bridging the communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve the intended function. LED lighting connector is an indispensable part of the electronic equipment, along the current flow path to observe, you will always find one or more connectors. Connector form and structure is ever-changing, with the application object, frequency, power, application environment, etc., there are a variety of different forms of connectors. For example, the connector used to light the lights on the court is very different from the connector used for hard disk drives, and the connector used to light rockets. In terms of general, LED lighting connectors are connected to more than just current, in the rapid development of optoelectronics technology today, fiber optic systems, the carrier of the transmitted signal is light, glass and plastic instead of ordinary circuits in the wire, but the optical signal pathway also use connectors, they serve the same purpose as the circuit connector. But no matter what kind of connector, it is necessary to ensure the smooth continuous and reliable flow of current.



2、What are the properties of lighting connectors? :
Connector applications are very wide. For example, in the lighting equipment, will also use the connector-related products. Selection of a connector used in lighting equipment, we must consider taking into account its electrical, mechanical, environmental and other basic performance reliability, the following to provide you with a knowledge of the performance of lighting connectors.
Talking about the performance of lighting connectors, mainly related to electrical, mechanical, environmental three aspects, the specific requirements are as follows.
The electrical performance requirements of the lighting connector.
In terms of electrical performance, lighting connectors must be compatible with the application of current levels and voltages, in addition to the need to consider the basic continuous voltage and current, but also need to identify the connection product life cycle may occur in transients and surges.
Second, the mechanical properties of the lighting connector requirements.
Vibration and shock resistance is the basic mechanical properties of the connector, but also need to consider some other mechanical performance aspects of the connector requirements. For example, the physical size of the connector and with the problem, not only the need for tight contact spacing in order to package more contacts in a smaller area, should also consider the lighting connector with the equipment connection reliability issues.
Third, the environmental performance of the lighting connector requirements.
Connector temperature, salt spray resistance, sealing and shielding performance is usually the main consideration of environmental factors, so the lighting connector must be able to adapt to the application temperature range, with good corrosion resistance, shielding performance from the electromagnetic environment and sealing performance in a humid environment.



3、What are the brand manufacturers that produce lighting connectors? :
The vast array of modern lighting solutions - from lighting units on car dashboards to accent lighting used in homes and businesses to energy-efficient lighting systems for streets and buildings - require efficient controllers and connectivity solutions to work with them. TE Connectivity/Molex/Hirose Electric/Amphenol/Phoenix Contact/Panasonic/Kyocera/JKL Components/Ledil/Dialight/JAE Electronics/ERNI and other interconnect devices The company offers many different connector solutions for a wide range of lighting applications. These solutions are highly reliable, compact in design and have high current carrying capacity to meet the requirements of modern lighting technology, especially LED applications.


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5、How to buy or understand Lighting Connector products? :
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