How to choose the right electrical connector?


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The operation of a connector will affect the function of the entire device, the right electrical connector can bring twice the result with half the effort. So how to choose a suitable electrical connector it? Huicheng yuan electronics today to bring you to understand:
1, the type of connector
What to connect, where to use these issues are the first to consider, which determines the type of industrial connector selected. Connector is used in the location (indoor, outdoor, corrosive environment, etc.) will affect whether to enhance the sealing of the aviation plug or in addition to the insulation body masking shell.
2, electrical requirements
In the selection of electrical connectors, consider the electrical requirements of the product. What kind of voltage and current requirements of the product, whether the connector can be used well in such electrical applications, these electrical requirements on the issue is required to consider. In addition, we also need to consider some other electrical conditions: resistance, the amount of resistance change allowed, millivolt drop, the maximum current value, the maximum voltage value, inrush current value, characteristic impedance, etc.
3、Environmental requirements
Temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions are determined by the location of the aerospace connector, so the location and the expected environment should be considered. And other relevant storage conditions of the applicable period (shelf life) and what is the information. The elaboration of the environment should also cover the requirements of shock and vibration, including from the requirements of shipping, as well as production environmental conditions such as welding temperature and welding cycle duration requirements.
4, mechanical performance requirements
In terms of connectors, what kind of volume and coverage area (footprint) is effective; what is the allowable dimensional tolerance; what is the insertion and ejection force of the terminal; how durable the connector (frequency of plugging and unplugging)? These factors are to be considered when selecting electrical connectors.
5, specifications
Must take into account the use of appropriate test specifications in a particular application situation, which includes the international common situation.



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