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Professional production/sales of medical equipment|non-invasive monitoring|invasive surgery|blood transfusion and infusion level medical harness; medical wire are used after the UL, VDE, CCC, JIS and other certification standards of high quality wire; the use of connector brands generally with TYCO (Tyco connectors)|MOLEX|Amphenol|and other international brands; can be customized according to the special requirements of customers with a variety of medical connection cable .
1、What is a medical harness? :
 Medical WireHarness (Medical WireHarness) as the name suggests, the application of medical equipment, medical devices supporting the connection of wire harness products, is the line of medical electronics, it can be said that without the harness medical electronics can not function properly. Its wires are used after UL, VDE, CCC, JIS and other certification standards of high quality wire, medical connectors commonly used wired to the board connector, D-SUB connector, row of pins row of female, aviation plugs, etc., the use of connector brands are generally used TYCO (Tyco connectors), MOLEX and other international brands, system certification is generally based on 13485 medical certification. Most materials are also required to have sterilization requirements, so if you are ready to enter the industry's new entrepreneurs must understand the threshold and requirements of medical harnesses, research institutions BCC Research survey report points out that the global home medical equipment market size continues to rise in annual growth rate, medical electronics will become a new growth point for connector applications. Medical wiring harness is mainly used for patient surgery, treatment, monitoring purposes of medical equipment or ambulance wire. According to the use of medical grade can be divided into: transfusion infusion grade, invasive surgery, non-invasive monitoring, medical equipment internal use, etc., the different use of different levels of material requirements.
The wire for internal use in medical equipment meets ROHS requirements, Pb<10ppm, Cd<5ppm, and does not contain phthalates. The product has a certain reliability of use.
In addition to the above requirements, medical non-invasive monitoring wire should be considered to be resistant to external forces such as abrasion and pulling, to corrosion by common medical disinfection solvents, and to pass certain biological toxicity tests and skin allergy tests. There are also certain requirements for bending, voltage resistance, and interference resistance.
In addition to the general environmental protection requirements, it is required to have certain biological compatibility, pass certain biological toxicity tests, skin allergy tests, resist sterilization of ethylene oxide, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol and other disinfection solutions, pass FDA exudation resistance tests, and service life reliability tests.
In addition to biological toxicity, skin allergy and biological compatibility, the reaction between infusion products and plastic additives should also be considered, and there are different formulation requirements for different liquids. Depending on the length of the infusion, the requirements for the material are also different.
According to the different medical equipment, medical lines can be divided into: ECG lines, blood transfer lines, scalpel lines, ultrasound lines, gastroscopy lines, blood oxygen lines, temperature measurement lines, monitor lines, etc. According to the frequency of use can be divided into: single-use and limited multi-use products, according to the state of contact with the human body is divided into: invasive and non-invasive.
The overall requirements of medical cables are summarized as follows
A) Patient comfort: soft and flexible, low frictional resistance, smooth and rounded appearance.
B) Ergonomics: small size, light weight, high flexibility, intuitive and safe.
C) Sterilization requirements: suitable for EtO (ethylene oxide), high pressure sterilization, low temperature treatment, CIDEX (glutaraldehyde) immersion, IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe, etc.
D) Durability: elasticity and reliability, abrasion resistance, sharp stretching resistance, scratch resistance, torsion resistance, etc.
E) Electrical performance requirements: resistance, capacitance requirements, electromagnetic compatibility (RFI/EMI), voltage resistance, noise testing, etc.
F) Economic efficiency: The cost of the product varies according to the number of uses.



2、What are the main categories of medical cables:
  Medical cables mainly have composite cables for ultrasonic diagnostic instruments, lens module cables for endoscopic soft mirror imaging equipment and soft and hard mirror back-end handle cables, while the corresponding harness assembly can be provided, the products are mainly used for ultrasonic diagnosis and data transmission during endoscopic image inspection.



3、How to select the connector for medical harness and what are the specific requirements? :
  As today's medical devices become more complex and sophisticated, engineers will face many challenges and choices when designing medical devices. For electronic interconnection systems, the basic requirement of the connector is whether it is between the cable and the device. or other devices can be connected safely and effectively. Medical equipment must be in very harsh conditions with sufficient durability and reliability, the impact of factors including liquids, sterilization, interference from other active devices and electromagnetic interference, as well as the connector itself plug life, etc., these will also indirectly affect whether the medical equipment in the hospital and clinical use process can work properly, so in the early stages of medical equipment design, the choice or design of the connector is particularly important Secondly, for life technology applications suitable connectors medical systems need to be reliable, robust, easy to plug and such characteristics, withstand high temperatures, high humidity, sterilization environment, consistent performance and greater possible protection against breakdown phenomenon in the medical field is also very important.


Medical connectors need to meet the 4 performance requirements:
With the advancement of technology, the medical industry has gradually improved the technology, medical connectors also need to meet more performance requirements, the specific 4 performance requirements are as follows:
1, medical connectors need to have stronger mechanical properties, because the medical diagnosis of the use of medical connectors plugging and unplugging may be up to 5 million times, the repeated use of these settings on the quality of medical connectors have higher requirements, need to have strong mechanical properties.
2, medical connectors need to have a reliable environmental performance, medical applications usually require the use of cleaning and disinfection and it potions, medical connectors need high quality environmental performance to cope with the requirements.
3, medical connectors to have vibration and shock resistance performance to ensure compliance with the requirements of the application equipment.
4, medical connectors need to have high-speed data transmission performance, to enhance the efficiency of medical equipment.



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5、How to buy or understand medical equipment|non-invasive monitoring|invasive surgery|blood transfusion and infusion grade medical harness products? :
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