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We specialize in the production of Micro Coaxial Cable which is a combination of I-PEX|JAE|HRS|HONDA|KEL and 32AWG-46AWG connectors and 1.25PH-0.25PH pitch solder type connectors.

1、What is coaxial cable?
 1) The basic structure of the cable
The cable with a simple structure and an outer layer of conductor wrapped around the cable is called an electronic cable. The cable with a multi-layer structure, with an insulating layer wrapped around the center conductor, outer conductor and outer cover is called a very fine coaxial cable. The outer conductor of the coaxial cable acts a
s an electromagnetic shield, so that the electrical signal transmitted through the center conductor is not easily affected by external electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic noise).



2) What is a very fine coaxial cable?
The size of the center conductor used in coaxial wire is based on the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standard, and the larger the AWG number, the smaller the size of the center conductor.
Generally speaking, coaxial wire with an outside diameter (O.D.) of
1 mm or less is called "very fine coaxial" wire. Very fine coaxial wires are widely used for signal transmission between modules and boards in personal computers, tablet PCs, smartphones, and other devices, as well as for signal transmission between precision instruments in medical, industrial, automotive, and aviation applications.



2、What is Micro Coaxial Cable connector? :
01) Very fine coaxial line connector
Very fine coaxial line connector is mainly used to connect digital signals between module boards by differential transmission method of very fine coaxial line. For proper signal transmission, the center conductor of the transmission signal needs to be connected to the signal circuit on the PCB board through the connector terminals. The outer conductor of the cable needs to be electrically connected to the PCB through the metal part of the connector - the housing. The electrical connection of the outer conductor to the PCB through the connector housing is called "grounding".


2) Very fine coaxial wire male chassis harness preparation process:
The main process of harness preparation.

8 - Gif_A.gif

2.1:Prepare the cable assembly
2.2:Install the cable assembly to the male chassis body assembly and solder the exposed wires to the male chassis signal terminals
2.3:Position the latch assembly (or latch) male chassis components
2.4: Cover the male chassis housing and solder the required areas to complete the male chassis harness
First, the very fine coaxial cable is pre-treated to facilitate the harness assembly. The pre-treated cable is called a cable assembly. This pre-treatment simplifies the cable soldering process for the connector and improves the consistency of the male chassis harness quality. This is done before the cable is soldered to the connector.


Next, the outer conductor of the cable is soldered to the connector housing and the outer conductor of the cable is electrically connected to the PCB through the connector to obtain good grounding characteristics.

3) Cable assembly types
In general, the following cable types are available for cable assemblies (depending on the harness manufacturer).
All very fine coax.
Only very fine coax is used. Cable assemblies can be used with different cable diameters (diameter size range may be limited).


Very fine coaxial wire/electronic wire hybrid.
Very fine coaxial wire for signal transmission and discrete wire for power supply.


Grounding tabs and ground fingers.
However, the increased difficulty of harness handling, in addition to reducing the number of cables used, will improve the electrical characteristics of the harness



3, our production of very fine coaxial harness (Micro Coaxial Cable) wire harness assembly products part of the physical picture (picture for reference only):



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