What are the brands of wire harness terminals? What are the main product categories?


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Wire harness terminals are key components for connecting wires and electrical equipment, and there are many brands on the market that offer various types of harness terminals. The following is an overview of some common harness terminal brands and major product categories:
Tyco Electronics/TE Connectivity:
AMP Series: Includes FASTON, PIDG, and PLASTI-GRIP terminals for electrical connection and disconnection.
MATE-N-LOK series: for wire connection and fixing.
MCON series: for wire connection and protection.
D-3000 Series: High density connection solutions.
KK Series: For wire connections, including models KK 254, KK 396, etc.
Mini-Fit Series: Harness connectors for high power applications.
Micro-Fit Series: miniaturized connection solutions for space-constrained applications.
JST (Japan Aerospace Electronics Industries):
VH Series: Low-cost, high-reliability terminals for general electric applications.
XH Series: Miniature connectors for internal connection of electronic devices.
PH Series: Economical harness connectors for low current applications.
AT Series: High temperature resistant, waterproof sealed connectors for harsh environments.
ATX Series: Scalable automotive harness connectors with protection and high performance features.
Mini-CT Series: Small connectors for automotive and industrial applications.
Hirose Electric:
DF Series: High density connectors for data communication and electronic devices.
FH Series: Planar flexible cable connectors for automotive electronics and medical devices.
HR Series: Low-profile, high-density connectors for space-constrained applications.
Han Series: Industrial connectors for mechanical engineering and automation applications.
Han-Modular Series: Modular connection solutions for flexible harness designs.
Han-Eco Series: Economical connectors for environmental and energy saving applications.
DT series: Environmentally sealed connectors for automotive and industrial applications.
DTP Series: Environmentally sealed connectors for high power and heavy load applications.
DTM Series: Small environmental sealed connectors for space-constrained applications.
Metri-Pack Series: Sealed connectors for automotive and commercial vehicles.
Weather-Pack Series: Weather-resistant connectors for harsh environments.
Micro-Pack Series: Small connectors for space-constrained applications.
ITT Cannon:
APD Series: High density connectors for aerospace and military applications.
Trident Series: Environmentally sealed connectors with high performance and reliability.
ARINC Series: Avionics connectors.
Phoenix Contact:
COMBICON Series: Connectors for electronic equipment and industrial control applications.
MSTB Series: Terminal strips for power and signal transmission.
PT Series: Plug and socket connectors for a variety of applications.
This is just a small selection of the brands and product types of wire harness terminals on the market, there are many other brands and series to choose from. Each brand is usually available in different models and specifications to meet the needs of different applications. Whether you are in the automotive industry, electronic equipment manufacturing, industrial automation or aerospace, you can find the right harness terminal brand and product.



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