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Amphenol Industrial Operations Company Profile:
Founded in 1932, Amphenol Industrial Operations Worldwide (AIPG - short for Amphenol Industrial) is a division of the Amphenol Group, a leading manufacturer of circular connectors worldwide. We are even more proud of Amphenol Industrial Global Operations' undisputed leadership in electrical interconnection system products and solutions for harsh environment applications. These applications require highly sophisticated engineering capabilities and precision manufacturing. Amphenol's innovative RADSOK® terminal technology provides up to 50% more current than similarly sized terminals, and Amphenol connectors using this technology easily outperform similar products on the market.
Amphenol Industrial's product line includes circular, rectangular, standard miniature, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filters and a range of special application connectors. The products are known for high current, medium to high voltage, high performance/high reliability and resistance to harsh environments.
Headquartered in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York City, Amphenol Industries has over 307,000 square feet of space, employs over 1,400 people, and has access to more advanced manufacturing technology. The plant is certified to ISO 9001 and MIL-STD-790, among others.
Amphenol Industries has advanced manufacturing capabilities including CNC machining, die casting, injection molding, extrusion, plating, automatic lathes and process control.
Amphenol Industries has a fully equipped materials laboratory and an engineering support facility utilizing the latest computer-aided design software and analysis tools.
Comprised of several satellite plants, Amphenol Industries Global Operations is one of the largest distributor networks in the world.
Amphenol Industrial Global Operations (AIPG) is an international company with facilities located in New York and Michigan, USA; Shenzhen and Zhuhai, China; and Nogales, Mexico.
Amphenol Industrial Operations is headquartered at its 675,000 square foot facility in Sidney, New York, USA, and specializes in manufacturing a full line of highly reliable connectors and interconnect systems for a wide range of industrial markets, including base stations, rail/rail, process control, automotive manufacturing, heavy equipment and petrochemical/power generation. power generation.
Products include cylindrical, fiber optic, rectangular and industrial versions of MIL-C-5015 Cylindrical, MIL-C-26482 Mini-Cylindrical and GT Reverse Bayonet Cylindrical connectors for industrial ruggedization. Amphenol Industrial Operations is a division of Amphenol Corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers of interconnect products, located in Wallingford, Connecticut, U.S.A. The company employs more than 1,400 people and is certified to ISO9001 and MIL-STD-790 standards. Amphenol Industrial Operations is a division of Amphenol Corporation, located in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA, and is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world.


2、Amphenol Amphenol Industrial Operations product family names and profiles:
5015 Series: Rugged general purpose, environmentally resistant threaded connectors.
97 E Pre-Earth FMLB: 97 Series with Pre-Earth and Pass-Before-Break safety protection connectors.
97 Series: Economical, military standard, metal, circular multi-conductor connectors. Meets MIL-DTL-5015 connector standard.            
ACA-B Series: Commercial replacement version of the GT Series.
AC Thread Series: Economical, MIL-DTL-5015 standard connectors. More than 286 types of rubber core arrangements are available.
AHVB Connector Series: High vibration resistant, low insertion force, zero wear, high vibration brush type terminals (HVBT) series with up to 100,000 insertion and removal cycles.            
Amphe Armor Series: High-current connectors for the geological exploration industry.
Amphe-309 Series: IEC-309 industrial power connectors.
Amphe-base Series: Board end connectors that can carry 120 amps per circuit to a printed circuit board or a bus bar.            
Amphe-BTS Series: A better solution for base station power field installations.
Amphe-Coal EX Series: Explosion-proof stainless steel connectors for underground mining.
Amphe-DB Series: Amphe-DB incorporates an industrial filter and wafer capacitor board based on the modified MIL-5015 connector.            
Amphe-EX Series: Small explosion-proof threaded connectors, certified to the latest ATEX & IECEX standards.
Amphe-GTR Series: Reverse bayonet connectors with composite material and RADSOK terminals.
Amphe-HST Series: Amphenol's line of heat shrink tubing, also including molded parts, insulated identification tubes and application equipment.
Amphe-Lite Quadrax: High speed signal connectors for applications in harsh and high vibration environments.
Amphe-Lite Series: Signal and power connectors designed and developed for communication equipment manufacturers.
Amphe-Lug: High-current, highly conductive copper terminal lug for harsh environments            
Amphe-Mine EX: Stainless steel explosion-proof connectors for underground mining.
Amphe-PD: Plastic 2 pole connector with RADSOK terminals, higher current carrying capacity 120 amps.
Amphe-Power: 5015 standard connector with RADSOK patented terminal technology.            
Amphe-PPM: Push-pull connectors for fast and safe connections in limited spaces. Easy to operate.
Amphe-PRB: Multi-phase power, plastic, reverse bayonet connector.
Amphe-RC: Circular power connector based on Matrix 5015 tail-out crimp terminal.            
Amphe-RXS: Hybrid power and signal terminal in a compact space.
Amphe-SP3: Single pole, plastic, power connector with RADSOK terminals.
Amphe-TVS: Power connectors designed for interconnect applications for communications equipment manufacturers.            
ArmorLight: A cost effective cable solution that replaces traditional expensive overmolded cables.
ASE Industrial Connectors: Ruggedized industrial connectors designed for harsh environments and factory automation applications.
ATHD Series: Thermoplastic, single core, over-the-air docking connection system to replace electrical connectors and transmit power where needed.  
AT Circular Series: 3 pole, 5 pole and 9 pole diagnostic connectors. The 9-pole is compliant with the J1939 interface standard.
AT Machined Terminals: A wide range of machined 16 gauge terminals for use on J1939 standard connectors.
Cable Glands ATEX: Industrial and explosion-proof grade cable glands designed for use in the most demanding environments.

Cable Glands Industrial Industrial Cable Glands: Liquid leak-proof cable glands for overmolded and unmolded cables.
CMB: An economical alternative to the PT product line.
Cord Grips: A complete line of seals and hardware.            
EMI Wind-Lok: Single core reverse bayonet connection with EMI shielded high current connectors.
ePower-Lite Series: A family of plastic high-current connectors designed for the hybrid vehicle market.
ePower Series: Power connectors tailored to the demanding requirements of electrical systems for hybrid, electric, and utility vehicles.            
GT Quadrax: High-speed signal terminals in a reverse bayonet connection structure.
GTC-M: This series combines the features and benefits of the GT and Matrix MIL-C 5015 product families.
GT Series: Reverse bayonet connectors for a wide range of environments and applications.            
H4 Photovoltaic Connectors: Solar power connectors marketed with RADSOK terminals.
H4 Photovoltaic Panel Connectors: Solar bulkhead connectors with RADSOK terminals for the market.
HelioBolt: Fast, economical, standard code grounding assembly for solar modules and racking systems.
HelioClip: Fast, economical, standard code grounding assembly for solar modules and racking systems.
HelioLug: UL 2703 certified solar grounding lug.
Helios Overmolded Solar Power Connectors: Overmolded solar power connectors with H4 connectors.            
HIC Series - Hermetic Industrial Connector: High performance glass sintered product series
KTK Series: High pressure well drilling connectors.
LPT: MIL-C-26482 Series I standard, stamped terminal, commercial PT connectors.            
Max-M12 Series: Ruggedized high speed M12 connectors, SAE J 2839 compliant.
Micro-Bayonet: High performance circular connectors for industrial electrical requirements.
MVC Series: Medium voltage connectors for mining, shore power, tunnel construction and utility industries.            
Neptune: UL-listed power connector series for harsh environments.
P-Lok: Push-pull self-locking connectors for fast connections.
Powerlink Solar Cables: UL and TUV listed single and double wall photovoltaic cables.            
PT 26482: Small, general purpose, power and signal connectors.
Push-Pull High Current Connectors: RADSOK terminal, single core, high current push-pull connectors.
Quadrax: High-speed terminals.
Quelarc: A family of power connectors with threaded or push-pull connections for use in harsh environments.
RADLOK: Quick connect lug (terminal lugs) featuring RADSOK high-current terminals and single-finger operation.
RADSOK PGY: (Printed Circuit Board) RADSOK series of power to board-to-board end connectors.            
RADSOK PowerBlok: (Printed Circuit Board) RADSOK series power-to-board connector.
RADSOK PowerBlok WTB: RADSOK series wire-to-board connector.
RADSOK RadFin: RADSOK series high current board end connector.            
RADSOK RadStack: Board side connector for circuit board mezzanine boards.
RADSOK SMT RADSERT: RADSOK series power to board - board end connector.
RIG-Lok: Reverse bayonet connector for oil and gas equipment with RADSOK terminals.            
Rig-Power: Industry standard single pole connector for top drive electrical connections.

RoboLok: 3 pole high current connectors with RADSOK R4 technology.
RPT & Overmolded RPT: RPT series based on 26482 standard, with more robust housing and reinforced keyways, for geological survey industry.            
Star-Line: Heavy-duty, environmentally sealed plugs and sockets for the petrochemical and geological survey industries.
Star-Line EX: Ex-rated connectors designed for the harshest environments, certified to IECEx and ATEX EN60079 international standards.
Submariner Series: Submarine connectors for dry and wet plugging.
UPC connectors for HEV market: A family of plastic power connectors designed for the hybrid vehicle market.
SurLok: Crimp lug with RADSOK terminal technology.
SurLok Plus: Field mountable crimp lug with quick lock and push to unlock design.            
SurLok Overmolded Crimp Lug: Ready-to-install overmolded lug incorporating RADSOK technology.
TMPC Power Mount: Flange-mounted traction motor power connector series with patented RADSOK terminals.
Trainline: Trainline connectors for reliable performance in the harsh environment of the rail and rail industry.            
Tru-Loc: 2, 4 and 6 pole environmentally resistant connectors with RADSOK high current terminals.
Tru-Loc Splitter: Power and signal splitter receptacles made of thermoplastic material.
UPT Connector Series: Plastic housing, metal bayonet connections, crimp terminals.            
Wind-Lok: Reverse bayonet connectors with RADSOK terminals.
ZEUS High Voltage ROV Connector Series: A series of high voltage ROV (underwater robot) connectors designed for use in the harsh underwater environment of subsea oil fields.


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