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DDK|DDK Connectors|NIPPON ELECTRONICS 285DE Series LAN Modular Plug Hole Connectors are metal packages with EMI countermeasures. It is a modular plug-in connector for LAN. It is a small-sized connector that contributes to space-saving equipment, and it corresponds to the high-speed Ethernet (100BASE-TX) connector that is sealed with a metal cover over the whole body, and it is equipped with EMI countermeasures, and the substrate mounting method: through-hole DIP method.


额定电压: AC330V(r.m.s.)绝缘电阻: 采用DC500V 1MΩ以上
额定电流 :1A/中心针接触电阻: 50mΩ以下
耐电压: AC1000V(r.m.s.)为1分钟

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