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Circular connectors are a class of connectors with a basic structure of cylindrical shape and a circular mating surface. In the interconnection classification, belongs to the 5th category, used for the interconnection between devices. Broadly speaking, including low frequency circular connectors, from it to RF coaxial connectors and audio connectors. The cylindrical structure of circular connectors has a natural robustness and higher strength than any other shape. Our company acts as an agent to sell many brands of circular connectors at home and abroad; its agent sales of circular connectors according to the type of transmission signal / electrical requirements are divided into: power class circular connectors, signal class circular connectors, high-frequency class circular connectors, universal class circular connectors, high-power class circular connectors, high-voltage class circular connectors, pulse class circular connectors, low-noise class circular connectors, phase modulation class circular connectors, precision coaxial class circular connectors, military circular connectors, aviation circular connectors, medical circular connectors, etc..
1、What is a circular connector? :
 Circular connectors Introduction:
Circular connectors are the basic structure of the cylindrical, with a circular plug surface of a class of connectors. In the interconnection classification, belongs to the 5th category, used for the interconnection between devices. Broadly speaking, including low-frequency circular connectors, from it to RF coaxial connectors and audio connectors. Circular connectors have a cylindrical structure has a natural robustness and higher strength than any other shape.
Circular connector features:
1. advanced structure of circular electrical connectors, easy to use, high reliability, in line with the standard GJB2889;
2. using bayonet type connection, pins, jacks can be loaded and unloaded separately;
3. jack using wire spring structure, pins, jack leads using crimping, welding form;
4. Each type has nine models, 1-62 core a total of 32 kinds of hole arrangement. Including XC-basic type (crimp), XCH-socket welding type, XCB-socket for the printed board welding type, sealed, double-headed sealed shielded, non-shielded, etc.;
5. To ensure matching with various specifications of cables, various cable accessories such as FJA, FJC, FJD, etc. are available;
6. Widely used in aviation, aerospace, post and telecommunications, computers, navigation and various instruments, meters and other equipment.
7. Use environmental conditions:
(1) relative humidity: 40 ℃, up to 95 [[%]]
(2) Working altitude: 30,000m
(3) vibration: frequency 10 ~ 2000HZ acceleration 196 m / s2 (20g)
(4) impact: acceleration peak 980 m / s2 (100g)
(5) constant acceleration: 980 m / s2 (100g)
(6) airtightness: through the wall sealing socket 50.7KPa; square plate sealing socket 152KPa
(7) mechanical life: ≥ 1000 times
Q series of circular electrical connectors manufactured according to the Ministry of Electronics Industry standard SJ1744-81, the product structure is reliable and easy to operate. Pins, jack leads using welding form, according to user needs, plugs, sockets can be installed both pin, but also can be installed in the hole. The product has a small size, light weight, fast connection, fast separation and other characteristics, is widely used in instruments, electronic equipment, electrical connections between.
Round connector mechanical properties: 1:
1. Shell: aluminum alloy
2. Surface treatment: military green cadmium (B) nickel plating (F)
3. Insulation mounting plate: thermoplastic material
4. Seal: silicone rubber elastomer
5. Contact parts: copper alloy
6. Surface treatment: gold plating on nickel
7. Life: 500 cycles of plugging and unplugging - shock: 2940m/s2 3ms
8. Vibration:
Sine 294m/s2 10~2000Hz
Random 96(m/s2 )2/ Hz 408 m/s2,100~1000Hz
Random 480(m/s2 )2/ Hz, 100~300 Hz
9. Contact Retention Force (min.)
#22D:44N #16:111N #8 Coaxial:111N
#20:67N #12:111N #8 triaxial: 111N
10.Electrical performance
Withstand voltage (Vrms) use rating conditions: sea level 21000m.
Circular connector composition:
Direct plugging steel ball fast locking circular electrical connector shell assembly, it consists of plugs, sockets, plug shell assembly by the shell, lock sleeve, reed, pin, steel ball, shrapnel, gasket seven parts, lock sleeve and shell assembly, pin from the shell into and riveted on the lock sleeve, lock sleeve and shell with a rotatable 20 degrees between the plug shell is equipped with 3-4 steel ball, docking locking role, lock sleeve with Straight groove, the steel ball is not supported, all retracted into the shell wall; inserted after the rotation of the locking sleeve to support the steel ball will be protruding from the inner wall of the shell, into the socket shell on the ring-shaped slot to achieve the locking of the plug and socket. It also has the advantages of anti-slanting plug, anti-misplug, excellent electrical performance and shielding performance, anti-vibration, anti-impact, environmental resistance, etc., locking and unlocking is convenient and quick, small size is convenient to use.



2, the characteristics of circular connectors and applications introduced:
Circular connectors are also called industrial connectors, the basic structure is cylindrical and has a nearly circular mating surface of the connector.
Circular connector features
Circular connector plugs, sockets are mostly threaded connections, the terminals can range from two to hundreds, with a small size, high reliability, to meet the needs of electronic equipment between the cable connection.
Circular connectors applications
The cylindrical structure of circular connectors is naturally robust and has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other shape. It is easy to machine with standard machine tools. It is easier to seal and easier to insert and uninstall. Simple and robust locking mechanism. Ten years of technical development have made it a complete and rational process with high reliability. Therefore, circular connectors are the choice for applications that require the use of multi-contact connectors for interconnecting parts to cables and cables to cables.



3、What are the roles of circular power connectors? :
Even in the electronics field, the role of circular power connectors are used to transmit power and signals and transmit network and data signals throughout the device. These multi-pin contact design is easy to install and remove, over the years circular power connectors have developed into some of the most common, because they are more compact and can provide a small envelope compared to rectangular power connectors. Different applications require different designs, and circular power connectors allow for efficient disconnection and reconnection of power lines to equipment. They were developed to replace hard-wired power cables, which are often damaged or require extensive repairs when replacing power supplies. The introduction of circular power connectors provides a fast and compact solution to this problem. It also has a wide range of applications, from medical equipment to street and vehicle lighting, as well as industrial machinery to consumer electronics. Their round shape is ideal for various locking methods, such as threaded push-pull and bayonet locking designs, and they are usually manufactured from two materials, metal and plastic. Its rubber can also be used for waterproof or dustproof connectors, these locking methods are easy to operate, circular connectors can also package a large number of contacts into a relatively compact size, it is rated from 200 to 600 ac / dc, 1 to 2 A to several hundred amps, available in a wide range of pin counts and configurations. When selecting a specified circular power connector, it is important to consider international power standards such as IP (International Protection Mark Standard Rating) and Mil-spec. IP standards help determine if the connector is dustproof, waterproof, etc. In fact, knowing a lot of data is essential to safely specifying circular power connectors. First you must know the voltage and current of each contact to ensure that the connector has the proper number of contacts to meet the power needs of your equipment. Next, know all the functions the connector needs to perform, for example, you need a compact design that can carry both power and coaxial signals, then a hybrid design may be a better choice.



4, the advantages and disadvantages of circular connectors and how to choose a circular connector and the use of precautions:
4.1, the advantages and disadvantages of circular connectors:
[Advantages] Circular connectors are ideal for applications that require stronger terminals. Their cylindrical shape makes them carry out particularly resistant to mechanical engineering turbulence and shock and damage. The contact resistance of circular connectors should be low and stable. Contact resistance varies from a few milliohms to tens. Insulation resistance measures the technical performance of the insulation between the contacts of circular electrical connectors and between the contacts and the housing structure and ranges in size from a few hundred megohms to several gigohms. Dielectric strength or withstand voltage, or dielectric withstand voltage, is the circular electrical connector characteristics of the resistance between the contacts or between the contacts and the housing relative to the rated test voltage. EMI leakage attenuation is used to evaluate the shielding effectiveness of circular electronic connectors. Usually measured in the frequency range of 100mhz ~ 10ghz.
[Disadvantages] circular surface area limits the arrangement of pins and sockets on the surface of circular connectors; connectors with rectangular faces can install more contacts on a smaller surface area with a larger and even spacing.
4.2, if you choose a circular connector?
Circular connector bayonet type: In the purchase of circular connectors to pay attention to the selection of appropriate, matching bayonet type, mainly 1/4 quick bayonet connection, plug-in connection, latching connection, quick plug connection, threaded connection, pull chain connection, etc.;;
Round connector wiring: crimp wiring, solder wiring, nut locking wiring, cast cable, etc.; round aerial plug right angle type and curved angle type; pin head round aerial plug as well as pin hole round aerial plug;
Whether shielding performance: different environments used in the circular avionics plug shielding requirements are different, some connector manufacturers to provide personalized services will be based on customer demand for industrial connectors with different shielding effects, such as 360 ° shielding circular connectors.
Holes and models: when buying circular connectors, in addition to considering the conventional connector standards, but also to see if the connector's hole map conforms to the standard.
4.3, the use of precautions:
The actual operation of circular connectors in order to ensure its correct practical operation, you need to fully grasp and understand its operation steps. Some circular connectors do not have reverse operation error. To ensure accurate positioning and correct connection, the model and specifications can also match. In order to can avoid the electrical contact caused by the aviation plug damage environment, should pay attention to the inevitable pin wrongly inserted into the power socket. Also be sure to connect the airline plugs in time, especially in places where it is not good to check. It is also necessary to make detailed requirements in the corresponding operating procedures and check according to the scope. When the end connection of the aviation plug is connected, the end connection and inspection should be carried out strictly in accordance with the corresponding end connection standards or regulations, and the end connection should be carried out according to the matching connection points.



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6、How to buy or understand Circular Connector products? :
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